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Full Version: Rev 162 - Mar 1-18, 2012
Unmanned > Outer Solar System > Saturn > Cassini Huygens > Cassini's ongoing mission and raw images
Looking Ahead article for Rev 162. There are some goodies to look forward to this month!

Saturn aurora March 5-7...
Enceladus' leading hemisphere March 10...
Some nice Rhea imaging on March 10 including a crescent view and a search for ring particles...
Very nice looking Titan/rings/Janus/Enceladus mutual event on March 11...
Tethys/Dione mutual event on March 14.

I'll leave the Titan stuff to the Titan monitors on this forum!
Hmm, maybe it was not as clear as it should have been, but the Rhea and Enceladus imaging is on March 10.
Ah, sloppy reading on my part. Thanks, I've corrected my post.
Enceladus, rings and Titan:

Click to view attachment
Because we see these kinds of images here all the time we may sometimes get a little jaded. But really, just look at that picture....the contrasts...the composition...the stories behind those objects, what we now know....simply amazing.

I second that.
One sometimes takes all this for granted - the effort that went into acquiring this image, and bringing it to public availability ~48 hours after it was acquired, for us to enjoy.

Simply beautiful. (thanks for the processing Gordan)

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