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Full Version: re MMB - tutorials?
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hi there, i have had MMB for a few years now and while not having a lot of time to use it i sure haven't had much success with it yet.
best i can get is a slideshow of downloaded imagery, i can never get it to display a completely 'assembled' image.
i know marscat does wondrous things with it but then again he knows it inside and out huh.gif

are there any tutorials, how-to-do-it's, instruction manuals, examples... anything at all on this?
i have downloaded terrabytes of raw data and even when i. select the largest panoramas' sol imagery, i still can never get a thing out of it blink.gif

thank you,

MMB is rather outdated... But when you use a mac computer or an apple mobile device then you can try marscat's newest software called 'Midnight Planets'.
It allows you to follow every track of Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. In realtime!

Have a look at


MMB may be a bit outdated in certain ways, but it still works quite well for past sols. Which version are you using? There are not really tutorials, but there is a rather long thread above devoted to MMB Issues. Have you scanned that resource for assistance?

Also, it might help to know which kind of computer you are trying to use. I still use MMB every day without problems to generate panoramas from all the locations except the most recent?
I have noticed that when I performed updates for MMB2 over the last few weeks that no new metadata was available, and thus no panoramas for quite a while either?
Phil Stooke
So... I'm in my hotel in Houston (strictly, Nassau Bay) waiting for the Golden Spike meeting tomorrow. To pass a merry hour or so I look at Midnight Planets on the computer in the lobby (I don't usually travel with my laptop unless I need it for a presentation). There are some new pics to drool over... and after successfully looking at the Navcams I see a set of Pancams and a Mahli picture in the thumbnails. But - I can't view them. I get a message about them being flagged as undesirable. But then it hits me - oh yeah, all those filenames contain the string XXX.

I know, not really about MMB tutorials.

QUOTE (Phil Stooke @ Oct 2 2013, 05:53 PM) *
all those filenames contain the string XXX...

This was one of my many objections to the IMHO ill-conceived file naming convention.
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