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Full Version: Best tools for mapping rover "sol counts" to Earth calendar days
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I am not a professional space explorer, but an avid follower. Frequently I see posts, images, etc. that refer to "sol xyz." I was wondering what the best tools out there are to map between a particular sol and a calendar date?

For example, has any one through about a google calendar that displayed the rover sols overlayed on a calendar? I realize that each sol would start at a different time each day, but that time could be displayed.

I am also familiar with:

But last I checked these mapped my current time on Earth to the current time of rovers on mars.

Oh, and I guess we also need to include Chang'e 3 sols now too...
Phil Stooke
Curiosity data:

Spirit and Opportunity data:

you can download tables listing all sols with a matching Earth date.

For the Moon we typically use Earth dates.


This site gives you earth UT for each sol for MSL:
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