This is a collection of links to some of the more interesting threads here. Links to several individual posts are also included below due to the big size of the thread that has been the main thread here since before launch.

Main threads

New Horizons launch
New Horizons at Jupiter, Planning the Jupiter encounter
New Horizons Jupiter Encounter
New Horizons Io observations
Kodak moments at Pluto, planning
New Horizons Cruise thread until May 2014
New Horizons late cruise
New Horizons: Approach Phase

Interesting posts plus mission milestones

Feb 8 2005: Pre-launch discussion
Jan 16 2006: New Horizons launch
Jan 23 2006: (the big NH thread) Just after NH's launch (launched on Jan 19, 2006)
Feb 7 2006: Asking for help from the UMSF community for Jupiter Kodak Moment planning
Sep 26 2006: NH's first (distant) images of Jupiter
Nov 28 2006: NH's first Pluto image
Jan 10 2007: NH Jupiter flyby
Feb 24 2007: NH Io observations
Mar 29 2007: NH Europa images
Jun 18 2013: New Horizons Team Sticking to Original Flight Plan at Pluto
Jul 10 2013: NH spots Charon