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Full Version: Ambition, a short film by ESA
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I would say that ESA made a big step in space outreach by shooting this "Science meets science-fiction" short movie, focusing on the Rosetta mission.

The video can be seen here
or simply by entering ESA website
"...a Trojan Horse to trick an unsuspecting public into engaging with science." So a Nature editorial about the movie, ending with:
"But the film — which must have cost a large chunk of the mission’s public-relations budget — was probably unnecessary. The feat alone is spectacle enough".

The landing was spectacular indeed, but Ambition do was necessary for preparing the public to such event. And set a new standard for science outreach.
I thought the movie was pretty good.
It gets a thumbs up from me too. Well judged, well made and well timed. Congratulations ESA.

I'll go further. ESA is acquiring a track record for landing probes on unknown surfaces. First Titan, now a comet. By the time soft landers were sent to the moon we had had a good view of it and pretty much knew what to expect. The only real comparison is with the Soviet Venera probes. I think 'ambition' is a good word for it.
About as scientific as Uri Geller.
It's not presented as science. It's an artistic metaphor to convey the idea that we should aways strive to master the most difficult things we can imagine.
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