Haven't been participating much lately, with work, family, etc. But with the Rosetta/Philae excitement, I thought I would create a poster for the Rosetta NAVCAM & EPO teams to thank them for their efforts. Is EPO (Education/Public Outreach) the right term for ESA? My rough idea is something like this

Rosetta NAVCAM/EPO team: You got us there and gave us 67P/C-G
(approach images, 8 if I can find them)
(mosaics done by amateurs, probably 4 since they will be 2x2)
(Philae images annotated by amateurs, depends on aspect ratio)
Thank you from unmannedspaceflight.com

(I'm open to suggestions on the wording!)

I'll send out some messages the next few days requesting permission to use mosaics and annotated products, so be aware you might get a personal message, or you can reply with approval. I will add 'processed by <screen name>' to each amateur processed image.

I was thinking of putting some pics from the #cometlanding cartoon as the background to the words, but cannot find licensing terms for this type of usage. I've sent an email to spaceinvideos@esa.int for clarification. There is a social media kit here, but the resolution isn't super and doesn't feature the scenes I'd prefer, and isn't explicit about licensing. Hopefully they won't ask for their standard non-broadcast rates. Or maybe I'll have to pass the hat around, it would be worth it to say "Thank you!"

largeformatposters.com has been acquired by www.digitalroom.com, but they still have their high quality. I will do the poster targeting a size of 20.5 by 29, since they do not offer European sizes and for custom sizes it has to be .5" increments. 20.5 by 29 is close enough to the 1.4142:1 for A format paper that the poster will work if Europeans would like to print additional copies.