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Full Version: CIVA raw data available yet?
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So, I've been away from this forum for well over a year after being so offended by the attitude of a scientist (not from this mission) that any interest I had in spending my unpaid time working with spacecraft data was killed.
However, I was wondering if now, more than 2 years after the CIVA instrument team was required to deliver all data to ESA, does anyone know if that raw data has been made publicly available anywhere yet? Or if it has even been turned over to ESA yet? I haven't been able to find it. Thanks.
The ESA PSA says:
No public data available yet

When you connect via FTP, there is no CIVA subdirectory (unless I overlooked it).
The Rosetta people are working on the data, of course.

You might get more information directly from the Rosetta team on according conferences.
Note that the particular page you are referring to seems not up-to-date. For example, the ROLIS data are now available.
Thanks! Yes. Fortunately, the provided anonymous FTP login provided on the site seems to be still correct.

When you are logged in, choose the subdirectory of your choice.
However, the CIVA subdirectory still seems to be empty.
Well, I think it has now been about 3 years since the CIVA instrument team was required to hand over all of its data to ESA, and I see that there's still absolutely no CIVA data in PSA (not even pre-flight calibration data, unless I missed it). Anyone know who I need to get in touch with to find out why this data isn't released yet or who I need to poke to get this stuff released? I don't even know who to blame. I tend to assume the instrument team just hasn't handed the data over, but I can't rule out the possibility that they have and ESA just never published it anywhere.

At this point, I think it's been long enough to say that if the data hasn't been released yet, that it's never going to be unless someone makes a fuss about it.
You'll find a list of Rosetta team members here.
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