Not sure if this sort of thing is typically posted here, but, on this week's Nature podcast, there is a holiday song about Hyabusa2 (there's also one about Opportunity that I posted elsewhere).

I pasted the lyrics below, the episode page is:

Audio is at

The song, sung by a soloist, is at about the 31 minute mark of the show. It was performed by Steve Waterman and Kim Collman, with lyrics by Noah Baker, and is sung to the tune of 'Hark! The herald angles sing'.

(The Opportunity song was 'I had a little roverí, performed by the Simon Langton Boysí School choir, with lyrics by Lauren Morello and Noah Baker. It was directed by Emily Renshaw-Kidd, sung to the tune of 'I Have a Little Dreidel').

Happy solstice.

Hark! Itís Hayabusa2

Hark! Itís Hayabusa2
Landed on Ryugu

Left from earth on its voyage
to a nearby asteroid
JAXA hope that it will be
The mission we need to see
Thí origins of life on Earth
samples are what proves its worth

Hark! Itís Hayabusa2
Landed on Ryugu

Hark! is that a hopping rover?
bouncing all around the place?
One of four precious payloads
Three with cameras, out in space
fourth is MASCOT, it has been
Built by France and Germany,
Specially designed to make
Measurements of surface data

Hark! itís Hayabusa2
Landed on Ryugu

Now here comes the main event
For which all the Yenís been spent
Landing that is hard enough
But then theyíve got to blow it up
To collect these samples three
Returning them back to see
If the asteroid holds clues
too the start of me and you

Hark itís Hayabusa2
Landed on Ryugu.