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Full Version: Juno Perijove 18
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Brian Swift
Quick conversion to 3D with new pipeline and rendered with Blender Cycles with "camera" positioned at middle frame
producing equirectangular 16-bit PNG at 45.51 pix/deg.




Kevin Gill
A couple first passes on Perijove 18

Jupiter - PJ18-25

Jupiter - PJ18-26

Jupiter - PJ18-20

Jupiter from the North - PJ18-20/26
Thank you Kevin for pointing out on Twitter that JunoCAM got a look at Io on this pass. Here is my quick take:

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Image time: 2019-02-12T14:15:02.370. Distance: 278,217 km

The Chalybes Regio plume is still visible along the terminator. here is a simulated view from Cosmographia:

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Kevin Gill
QUOTE (volcanopele @ Feb 15 2019, 02:36 PM) *
Thank you Kevin for pointing out on Twitter that JunoCAM got a look at Io on this pass.

Thanks for telling me that the Chalybes Regio plume was there! To be safe, I tend to assume that type of pixel-sized anomaly are artifacts of my processing pipeline. I went and processed it from the raw to bring out the plume. Quick process and applied heavy sharpening.

Io with Chalybes Plume - PJ18-6
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and #26:
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There seems to be a new bright hot pixel, distinctly visible in #20 of this version with my previous hot pixel mask.
Kevin Gill
Two more shots from Perijove 18 approach..

Jupiter - PJ18-24

Jupiter - PJ18-23
Processed versions of #029 and #031 using Gerald's draft pipeline.

Polar Jet N6 and Cyclone - Perijove 18

Brown Barge - Perijove 18
Nice. Is that "The Brown Barge" or A brown barge. I'm a bit new to this nomenclature.

Great example of cyclonic updraft, then high altitude shear. The Solar System's biggest anvil cloud. Don't tell the tornado chasers, somebody will get hurt.
"Barge" is the observer's term for any elongated dark cloud. "The" brown barge was a similar feature in the North Equatorial Belt. Given recent trends in Jupiter's weather patterns, there is a good chance we see several develop this year.
Here is a link to those drafts.
And here a link to an almost illumination-adjusted version, with subsequent gamma stretch.

I'll upload the according JPGs, with the portion exceeding 180 degrees cropped.
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#32, #33:
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#34, #35:
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#36, and #37:
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One image, #27, is lacking in this sequence due to a small temporary data gap during downlink. I'd presume, that it will be provided with the next release of raw images.

I may render a reprojected and illumination-adjusted version with gamma=1, and a merely decompanded and square-root encoded version of PJ18, part 2, later tonight.
From Gerald's latest ...



Decompanded-only version with square-root encoding, and illumination-adjusted version with gamma=1 (radiometrically linear) of PJ18, part 2.

Seán, your compilations are again masterpieces beyond our world!
Ah thank you so much Gerald, of course they wouldn't exist without your fantastic work so I am very lucky to have such great foundations to build on.
Kevin Gill

Jupiter - PJ18-33

Jupiter - PJ18-34

Jupiter - PJ18-35
Kevin Gill
Partial glimpse of the western Great Red Spot:

Jupiter - PJ18-41
PJ18_31 after Gerald

Processed version of Gerald's #041 draft image:

Great Red Spot and South Equatorial Belt - Juno Perijove 18

And a couple of enlarged crops:

These are mind-wreckingly beautiful - best perijove yet! Congratulations all.
Kevin Gill
A few selections from PJ18 departure including two composites.

Jupiter - PJ18-42

Jupiter - PJ18-45

Jupiter - PJ18-45/47/49

Jupiter - PJ18-49

Jupiter - PJ18-47

Jupiter - Western Great Red Spot - PJ18-41/42
Brian Swift
A sampling of my PJ18 images processed with Juno3D/Blender pipeline using new gain/bias masks. Equirectangular projection from point-of-view of middle frame, 225°x90° FOV, 45.51 pixels/degree, 16-bit PNG with sRGB curve encoded linear light.











More images available in the Album on Flickr
PJ18_42-43-45 reprojected from Gerald's output

PJ18_42-43 reprojected from Gerald's output

I don't think I've ever seen a detached stream so large and so red before. Something unusual going on in the GRS.

I had my first decent look of the season at Jupiter yesterday. Ground-based observations in support of Juno will be at the higher levels of quality over the next few months.
I think, it's time to provide a list of links to pages with PJ18 products I've uploaded thus far

flyby movie:
- YouTube
- MP4 movie, MP4 scenes, and JPG stills.

- gamma=1
- gamma=4
- high-passed in a context-sensitive way

OBJ 3D templates for equidistant plantocentric maps (preliminary Maclaurin spheroids)

gamma=1, and decompanded only:
- part 5 (with tentative OBJ files)
- part 4 (with tentative OBJ files)
- part 3
- part 2
- part 1

- parts 4+5:
- - version with illumination model based on PJ16, stricter filter for energetic particle hits
- - version with illumination model based on PJ06, lax filter for energetic particle hits
- part 3 (with tentative OBJ files)
- part 2
- part 1 (revision 1) (with tentative OBJ files)
- part 1, initial rendition

- part 5
- part 4
- part 3
- part 2
- part 1

More specific, derived, and reduced products are work in progress.
Thanks for all your recent uploads Gerald, lots to process!

I revisted this image from Gerald's output...

Jupiter's Beady Eye

Bjorn Jonsson
This is an orthographic mosaic from images PJ18_28 and PJ18_29. An approximately true color/contrast version (left) and a version where the contrast has been increased and color differences exaggerated (right):

Click to view attachmentClick to view attachment

The images show a part of Jupiter's northern hemisphere from directly above the roughly circular sport just above the image center. The spot is located at planetographic latitude 51.5 degrees N. North is up.
Bjorn Jonsson
PJ19 is coming up in a few days and I almost forgot to post this one from PJ18:

Click to view attachment

This is an approximately true color/contrast map-projected mosaic of PJ19 images 41, 42 and 43. The mosaic covers an area from longitude 227° to 294° (system 3) and planetographic latitude -34.7° to -7.2°. I took special care not to 'saturate' the very bright convective features west of the Great Red Spot.

And below is an enhanced part of the above image showing the main convective features:

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Small bright clouds that apparently reach high altitude can be seen near the bright part of the convective features.
Brian Swift
Jupiter Fly-under Time-lapse | 360° VR, 8K, 60FPS
Imaginary view flying under the clouds in a hollow Jupiter.
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Kevin Gill
A experiment composite using images from PJ7, PJ17, & PJ18. Blending and color match isn't that great, and I lack a real way to equalize the solar luminance.

Equirectangular projection. Manual alignment & blending in Photoshop.


Jupiter - GRS & Mid-Southern Latitudes - Map Projected
Update to PJ18_26 [GE/SD]

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