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Full Version: Juno Perijove 19
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Kevin Gill
Looks like a we're limited to the South Pole for PJ19...

Jupiter - PJ19-4

Jupiter - PJ19-5

Jupiter - PJ19-7

Jupiter - PJ19-5 - Map Projected

QUOTE (Kevin Gill @ Apr 9 2019, 04:06 PM) *
Looks like we're limited to the South Pole for PJ19...

Yes. The spacecraft was in a different attitude near perijove and we couldn't insure the camera wouldn't image the sun, which could potentially damage it, so we were directed to leave it off.
Glenn Orton
Yes, the spacecraft was turned "sideways" for PJ19 in order for the Microwave Radiometer (MWR) to sweep out a bigger swath of longitude than the nearly "pencil beam" it does on its usual orbits. Both JunoCam and the near-infrared instrument JIRAM were turned off for safety issues, i.e. avoiding pointing into the sun and, for JIRAM, overheating. But they were turned on again once the MWR completed its observations and the spacecraft was again turned back into its normal orientation. The was the first time this approach was used, and there are currently none planned for the remainder of the mission - although that could always change once the full information this mode returned is fully evaluated. -Glenn Orton, Juno science team member
Kevin Gill
Thank you. Seems like a good reason to not use JunoCam. I hope some good science comes out of it.

Here's an overview of Perijove 19:

Perijove 19 - Overview
Bjorn Jonsson
This is image PJ19_1. First an approximately true color/contrast image and then a version with increased contrast that has also been processed to show color differences more clearly:

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As John Rogers mentions at the Juno website, three small vortices can be seen in the currently whitened South Temperate Belt in the new JunoCam images. Below is a heavily processed map-projected image that shows these ovals:

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