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Full Version: Proposed Chinese Neptune Orbiter
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The Planetary Society reports that senior industry and academic figures in China are proposing a nuclear fission powered Neptune Orbiter mission. Basic details of the proposal:
-Launch in 2030 on Long March 5
-Arrival in 2040, after assist by Jupiter
-Polar orbit around Neptune
-3000 kg main spacecraft
-Powered by 10 kWe Nuclear Fission Reactor
-4 microsatellites with targets of Neptune (atmosphere), Triton, and possibly targets en-route (centaur or asteroid)
-Science objectives include global remote sensing and studying Neptuneís internal structure, atmospheric composition and motion characteristics, the magnetic field, the solar wind, and the planetís moons and ring system.
- Electric propulsion (to answer part of: what are they going to do with all those watts?)
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