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Full Version: Mars Dust Storm- Oct 2022
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Bill Harris
On the current spacecraft on Mars:
A major dust storm has developed near 50* longitude and is moving north from the Argyre Basin. The active Mars Rovers--Curiosity, Perseverance (US) and Zhurong (China), along with the US Martian Helicopter Ingenuity and the US seismic station Insight are around longitude 250*, on other side of the planet. The US Rovers are nuclear powered and shouldn't be affected by dust, but China's Zhurong and Ingenuity, the US helicopter and the seismic station Insight are solar powered and could be severely affected if this dust storm goes global.
We'll see what develops.

"I'm not dead yet" - Insight.
Me: Ahh, with Artemis I rolling back to the VAB, my week will get a bit easier planning these HiRISE images
Mars: hehe
Bill Harris
Yes, forgot Insight.

Artemis I, nixed by Hurricane Ian.

Bill Harris
MRO Context camera montage of the dust storm:
Tolkien "The Last Alliance of Elves & Men": Um- does that mean "the last EVER"? or "the last time is happened- BUT might happen again"
Might help to retitle the thread to something NOT ambiguous
"September 2022 Martian dust storm"
Bill Harris
The "Current Martian Dust Storm", message dated 25 Sept 22 is unambiguous. I'm looking forward to sky images from Curiosity, Perseverance and Zhurong, the currently operational Rovers.

Topic title changed. There will obviously be future dust storms after this one is gone. rolleyes.gif
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